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QLD Electrical Contractor License 72291
ARCtick License AU42645


If you’re in Toowoomba or the surrounding areas, and you need a professional HVAC company for air conditioner installation, you’re in the right place. At St8 Wide Electrical, we have years of experience installing ducted air conditioning systems all across Australia. No matter where you are in Queensland, we’re here to help.

Our professional consultants and technicians can walk you through the entire setup and installation process. Learn more about air conditioner installation in Toowoomba now, and see how we can help.

Choosing The Right Air Con System For Your Home In Toowoomba

Our Guide

Wondering how you can choose the right aircon for your home? Each home is different, and will have different heating and cooling requirements, based on the surrounding environment, sun exposure, building materials, insulation, climate, and other such factors. No two A/C installations are ever exactly alike!

Decide on the right brand

At St8 Wide Electrical, we work with all major air con brands in Australia, such as Mitsubish, Fijitsu, and Samsung. We even work with budget brands like Carrier. Do a bit of research, and decide which brand of air conditioner is right for you. We can either help you order your unit, or install a unit that you’ve purchased on your own.

Choose between inverted and non-inverted systems

Many Australians are switching to inverted air conditioners. Inverter air conditioners switch the AC current from your home into DC current, which allows for more even, consistent power flow. Inverters offer a number of benefits, such as increased efficiency, faster cooling, and a more even, consistent interior air temperature. However, non-inverted units are usually more inexpensive, and still provide reasonably good cooling power so they are a good choice for air conditioner installation in Toowoomba if you’re on a budget.

Make sure your ducts are in good shape, and consider replacement

Ductwork that’s over 15 years old may need to be replaced. Corrosion is common in older ducts, due to temperature fluctuations and humidity. Make sure your duct work is in good shape with a comprehensive examination, and consider replacing it if it’s seen better days. This will ensure the best possible efficiency, and a comfortable environment.

Consider updating your thermostat or air con control panel

If your thermostat or air con control panel is old and outdated, you can replace it with a new model. Newer thermostats have programmable features which let you automatically adjust the temperature. You can set the air conditioner to a higher temperature while at work, for example – and then have it turn back on an hour before you get home. This helps you save money, and become more energy-efficient.

Consider all of these factors when selecting your air conditioning system. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry. If you choose St8 Wide Electrical, we can perform a comprehensive assessment of your home’s HVAC system. Then, we’ll help you select the proper products and services, and create an HVAC system that fits your needs – and your budget.

Our Services

We Install All Brands Of Ducted Air Con!

We specialize in ducted air con installation in Australia. Whether you need to replace an aging system in your home, update an older building that does not have central air conditioning, or make your condo more energy-efficient with a modern, inverter-based A/C unit, we’re here to help.

Our technicians have seen and done it all. We have years of experience serving our customers in Queensland and Toowoomba, and no job is too big or too small. Whatever your A/C needs may be, we are here to help – and to provide you with professional, affordable, and timely A/C service.

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Get A Consultation With One Of Our Air Conditioning Professionals Now!

If you need air conditioner installation in Toowoomba, look no further than St8 Wide Electrical. Our team of professional HVAC technicians and electricians will custom-build the best A/C installation for your home – and we emphasize energy efficiency and cost savings, to ensure that your power bills remain reasonable.

Ready to get started? You can reach us on mobile at 0428 971 253, or give our office a ring at 07 46340882. We take calls 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. You can also learn more about our services and contact us on our website, or send us an email at st8wide@live.com.au. We hope to hear from you soon!