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12 Sep

Electrical Fires - 4 Preventive Measures you must know

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Electrical fire outbreaks, especially at homes can be devastating and can put residents and valuable possessions at risk. House fires not just damage your property but can also cause injuries to you and your family. There are several avenues that pave the way for an electrical fire outbreak.

Even a single spark can cause blazing fires leading to massive destruction. Most electrical accidents occur due to flaws in electric components including cords, wiring plugs, transformers and power supplies. On the bright side, these hazards can be prevented by undertaking a few preventive measures. Here are some tips suggested by Toowoomba electricians.

1. Replace old or Out-dated wiring

Lifespan of a typical electrical wiring is around 30 to 40 years, and there are chances for several problems to show up after the said time period. Problems such as repeated tripping of circuit breakers and frequent blowing of fuses imply the need to replace the out-dated wiring with brand new ones. Doing so can largely prevent the chances of electrical fire outbreaks.

2. Keep Tabs on Aluminium Wiring

Back in the old days, aluminium wiring was largely used. However it was found that their lifespan is too short and they get corroded very easily, possibly leading to fire outburst. This is why it is important to have them replaced as soon as possible with the help of an electrician. You’ll either have to re-wire your entire house or have copper installed at the power receptacles and cables.

3. Arc Faults

Arc faults are a phenomenon when electric current deviates from its actual path and is one amongst the leading factors behind electrical fires. The phenomenon of arc faults occurs in various circumstances. When a tree falls on a power line or when the wiring inside your walls gets damaged as you move your furniture, arc faults are likely to happen. Arc faults also occur even when there’s a loose connection in the outlet. An electrician can provide Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters that will protect the circuit in the occurrence of arc faults. In this way, these devices can prevent fires caused by the same.

4. Well Begun is Half done:

If you are constructing a new house, ensure that you hire only reputed and skilled electricians for wiring your home and installing electrical appliances. Such professionals will make sure all safety precautions are followed and use the right equipment to prevent any flaws. This makes your house safe and secure from electrical hazards for several years ahead.

As soon as you’ve read this blog, the next thing you should do is to call a Toowoomba electricians and inspect the wiring of your house. They can detect loopholes, if any, and suggest measures to keep you and your family safe.