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10 Jul

Replacing Old Fuses

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Toowoomba is a pretty old city and sometimes as electricians we do come across older style switchboards. An older style switchboard has what we call semi-enclosed rewire-able fuses.

These fuses are made of a kind of ceramic and you can remove them easily by pulling them out of the switchboard (Make sure it is turned off!) A ceramic fuse has a length of fuse wire, which is bent into shape and held in by two screws at the end of the fuse.

Sometimes these little puppies blow (they actually melt) because you are running too much electricity through them. This happens when you turn on a faulty appliance – for example – you plug in a fan, turn it on and the fuse blows. This is the appliance at fault. Unplug the appliance and then go about replacing the fuse.

To replace a fuse follow the steps below.

                  1. 1- Make sure you have wire that is the correct fuse rating – you can find the fuse rating on the outside of the ceramic fuse holder and it should also be marked somewhere on the switchboard. If you use fuse wire that is too small – it will burn through, if you use fuse wire that is too thick or oversize – you can start an electrical fire. (BAD IDEA)

              1. 2- So replace the old fuse wire with a new one that is the correct size, and then put the rewired fuse back in place and you can turn on the power.

            1. 3- If the fuse doesn’t blow again – you know that it was that one electrical appliance that was causing the problem. If it does blow then you could have another appliance that is at fault or there could be a problem with the wiring. This is when you should call an electrician.

Also – it is highly recommended to have a safety switch installed especially if you have an older style fuse box. Having a circuit breaker is not good enough. A circuit breaker saves your electrical appliances whereas having a safety switch actually saves your life.

If you don’t have a safety switch installed give us a call and we will sort you out.

For more details on Electrical safety you can call the Queensland Government Electrical Safety Hotline

Electrical Safety Enquiries
1300 650 662

Electrical Licensing Enquiries
1300 362 320

Or visit their website.