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12 Jan

Underground Installation

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Underground Installation - Placid Hills Near Gatton  Dec 2013 
We got a call out the day before as this customer had lost all power to the house.  We found that the underground sub main had fused together and earth and the fault couldn’t be located as there was not a clean break in any of the 4 cables.

So we had to replace 180m of 3-phase underground from the existing main switchboard on the property pole to the sub board on the house.

We had to pull 4 lengths of 35mm copper XLPE cable 180m. Each length of cable weighed about 250kg. We then had to thread 4m lengths of 50mm conduit over the entire length.

Equipment used

Due to the weight of the cable we used a quad bike modified for cable pulling and conduit threading.

We also needed a bobcat with trenching attachment- and a big thanks to Ray Colthup Operator/ Owner for sorting this out for us.

We needed to hook our trailer with a cable-rolling device as well.

Problems / Difficulties that occurred

We dug up an existing phone line as it was not installed correctly which we then had to replace.

There was also a small mech problem with the Bobcat – which Ray fixed pretty quick.

It was HOT- 38deg C and about 90% humidity (That’s what it felt like anyway)

We had a fence in the way that we had to pull down to get the machinery through and there was also a concrete footpath we had to hand dig under (thanks Mick and Al)

Time taken / people

It took the 4 of us around 10hrs including loading up, travel, testing, commissioning and backfilling, re-erecting fences and tidying the house yard up.

Recommendations for a similar job next time.

Running Cable optQuite happy with this job and the time it took us to get the customer back up and running.
We faced a few problems along the way but these were unavoidable, ie the fence and then the bobcat decided it was too hot so it needed a break  - these things sometimes happen.

The phone line we hit I could of avoided if I used a cable locator but the cost and time in doing this outweighs the price of a new phone line and we got the trench where we wanted it. 

The heat was unavoidable and as Jason and Jess had no power so we had to get them back up and running.